Ukraine - Carpathians

Ukrainian Carpathians primeval beech forests are protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The woods are home of wolves, bears, wild cats and other animals. However, as in other places, forests are destroyed by illegal logging.

Top of the mountain ridges has characteristic montane meadows called poloniny. Some still serve as a pasture for livestock, but most of them are utilized for picking blueberries at the beginning of each summer.

Due to unique biodiversity, many of poloninas are protected as nature parks or reserves. The most important are polonina Borshava (Полонина Боржава), National Nature Park Synevyr (Національний природний парк Синевир), Uzhanskyi National Nature Park (Ужанський національний природний парк), Boikivshchyna National Nature Park (Національний природний парк Бойківщина), National Nature Park Skolivski Beskydy (Національний природний парк Сколівські Бескиди), Gorgany Nature Reserve (Природний заповідник Ґорґани) or Carpathian Biosphere Reserve (Карпатський біосферний заповідник).