Kyrgyzstan - Tian Shan

The Tian Shan, which means Mountains of Heaven in translation, spreads mostly in Kyrgyzstan and China. With peaks reaching more than 7000 meters above sea level, it is one of the highest mountain ranges in the whole world.

Untouched valleys and deep forests are home of many endangered species, like Siberian ibex, mountain sheep or snow leopard.

A big threat to nature are relics from uranium mining during 20. century. Many pits contain deposits of radioactive material which can be, because of poor securing, flooded out at any time.

The climate change affects the Tian Shan more than other places: while the decrease of glaciers since 1961 is 7% in the global average, the Tian Shan lost more than 27% of its ice coverage. This development impacts not just nature, but the change threaten also people in valleys dependent on the water regime.