The Home project strains to introduce the places which I call home. Being born and growing up in the heart of Drahanská vrchovina, my earliest memories are linked to meadows, forests and creeks running through the highland.

Drahanská vrchovina

Bounded by the vast flat land, Drahanská vrchovina highland sticks out from Haná and Malá Haná regions. The landscape has a mildly wavy character, only the western and eastern boundaries are characterized by deep valleys and steep slopes.

The northern part around Konice smoothly continues into Zábřežská vrchovina.

The highest parts around Horní Štěpánov, Lipová and Protivanov consist of a mosaic of fields, meadows and forests. A lot of streams and rivers spring here and many bogs and waterlogged meadows are here protected as nature reserves.

The southern part between Sloup, Jedovnice and Adamov is characterized by a limestone karst with deep valleys, caves and abbys. It is protected as Chráněná krajinná oblast Moravský kras.